Caff Batani: Orzo Umbro Macinato Portobello Toasted Ground Barley 500 G - 17.64 Oz [ Italian Import ]

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  • orzo effect 1: full of Dietary fiber

  • orzo effect 2: full of Amino acid mineral

  • orzo effect 3: good for children and pregnant women, elderly people, beauty etc.

  • Use as Normal Ground Coffee in Espresso Machine or Italian Moka

  • Italian quality-enjoy the heath and flavor benefits!

  • Color : Brown

100% Organic barley . Non-caffeine you can use as boiled out with a kettle, and brewed like a tea with a tea pot and if you have a barley tea pot with a filter. you will be able to drink it immediately by putting it in water. Moreover, it can be brewed as well as coffee such as macchinetta (direct fire type espresso machine), coffee maker, filter drip and so on. In Italy there is no one who does not know national drink. It is said to be popular mainly in young women recently because nutrients (amino acids, minerals, vitamins etc.) of barley of the raw material are not destroyed because it is thoroughly roasted at low temperature, and because it contains a lot of dietary fiber. Barley by Batani is a classic product obtained after selection of the best quality of barley. Produced and packaged in new and modern roasting plants. barley is a non-stimulant drink, tasty and refreshing and is prepared with the mocha coffee or espresso machine, taking care in this case, do not fill the filter more than half.