Senseo Cappuccino Coffee Pods - (X 8 Pods)

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  • Senseo Ground Coffee Pods 10 Packs with 8 pods

  • A Senseo double podholder is needed.

  • Only the finest quality beans are selected

  • Perfect for your special coffee moments

  • Smooth taste and intense aroma. Finished with a smooth crema layer

With Douwe Egberts Senseo Cappuccino pods you can now enjoy a delicious coffee with a distinct character and a creamy frothy layer. All you need is your Senseo coffee pod machine and the unique double pods containing both milk and coffee. In no time at all you can prepare a delicious Senseo Cappuccino by simply pressing a button. Please note: A Senseo double podholder is needed in order to prepare Senseo Cappuccino.