Organic Brown Basmati Rice Food To Live (Raw, Long Grain, Non-Gmo, Kosher, Bulk) 1 Pound

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  • NUTRITIONAL BOOST: Brown Basmati Rice retains most of the nutrients and is the healthiest grain of its kind.

  • ORGANIC PRODUCT: Food To Live Raw Brown Basmati Rice is organic certified and 100% contaminant-free.

  • B VITAMINS AND SELENIUM: Brown rice is processed minimally and holds large amounts of these precious elements.

  • DELICIOUS AND AROMATIC FOOD: Basmati rice has a unique smell and can be used in hundreds of recipes.

  • GREAT FOR THE DIET: Food To Live Organic Brown Basmati Rice contains is extremely rich in dietary fiber.

  • Size : 1 Pound

What Is Brown Basmati Rice? Billions of people all over the world eat rice and quite a number of them does so daily as it's a staple food for the entirety of Asia. There are many varieties of this grain and each of them has its own unique nutritional makeup and flavor. The versatility of it is increased further by the many uses of rice, which range from cooking to cosmetics. All in all, this grain is fantastic in all its forms, but brown basmati rice takes a special place among them due to the combination of its nutritional value and a unique flavor. This particular species has been cultivated for many centuries. There are mentions of it in the ancient Indian literature, and it's safe to assume that it has been known to our ancestors from much earlier. Trading caravans brought basmati rice to the Middle East. It has become so loved there that now it's one of the major ingredients used in many local dishes. Until today India and Pakistan remain the main producers of basmati rice. This encompasses both of its varieties, white and brown, which differ by the way the kernel is processed. The thing that makes brown basmati rice stand out among the other types of this grain is its elevated fiber content and a truly unique aroma. The latter is caused by the fact that it contains 12 times more the chemical that gives rice its natural smell as compared to most other species of its group.