Rosted Crunchy Lentils - Mediterranean

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  • Crunchy, Snack, Natural, Healthy, Flavor, Tasty, Lentils

  • Size : 3.5 oz

Simple Supple Foods website also has an online store. Crunchy roasted lentils is a fully-cooked, ready-to-eat, and seasoned crunchy lentil product which serves as a snack (and value-added topping). Simple Supple Foods roasted lentils are a whole food, using vegan and gluten-free ingredients, and with no common allergens. There are no other shelf-stable, crunchy, healthy snacks like this on the market. Especially with our 3 unique seasoning blends. Roasted lentils are so versatile, and light enough that you can carry them with you on-the-go.