Creamette Pasta Rings Small 7 Ounce Box With White Spork

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  • This bundle includes 12 boxes of Creamette Pasta Rings 7oz and a white spork

  • Comes with a white spork to eat your Creamette Rings with!

  • Small rings, also known as Anellini, can be used in a variety of soups and salads.

  • The round circular shape is fun for kids and adds visual interest to any dish.

  • Preservative Free + Allergen Free + Gluten Free + MSG Free Kosher , Low Fat , Low Sodium

For generations, Creamette pasta has been at the heart of countless family meals. As long as families continue to gather around the dinner table, Creamette will continue to make products like Creamette Rings Pasta from the highest-quality ingredients, making your traditional family recipes taste just like you remember.